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Best Occasional Gift for Colleagues

Top five occasional gifts for colleagues/co-workers

The long awaited office holiday season is finally on your door step and you are on toes trying to connect the dots on what gifts to surprise your boss, ‘cube mate’, and or receptionist with; as if your brother-in-law gift quest was not tough enough and now you have to come up with gifts for colleagues. Well, don’t let it go to your head, some headaches are just overrated. How about some ground rules for starters. Disregard the following desperate attempts my dear crowd pleasers; ‘best boss ever’ engravings, clothes, and iPods as you would just be portrayed as being overly personal and expensive. And let not the paths of alcohol strike your thoughts unless your precisions and certainties are without doubts and errors of your boss’s aficionado connection to wine or whisky. This is not to say that gifts for colleagues should dismiss your boss for he/she is the …

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Top five premium cigars to use as gifting items


There are many reasons people love their cigars more than anything even food. Cigars are quite sophisticated items and if you happen to know someone in your life who is a cigar lover, and you want to give them a cigar experience not to be forgotten that easily then this article is for you. We are going to be looking at the top five brands of premium cigars that would rock the boat as a fine gifting item. There has and would eventually continue to be a never ending debate about the health risks involved with smoking cigars , smoking in general is seen as something very detrimental to the health both to the smoker and the people around that environment . Premium Cigars however are made from high quality tobacco and have no artificial filters, thereby making cigar smokers not prone to the outrageous level of chemicals present in …

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