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Top five premium cigars to use as gifting items

There are many reasons people love their cigars more than anything even food. Cigars are quite sophisticated items and if you happen to know someone in your life who is a cigar lover, and you want to give them a cigar experience not to be forgotten that easily then this article is for you. We are going to be looking at the top five brands of premium cigars that would rock the boat as a fine gifting item.

There has and would eventually continue to be a never ending debate about the health risks involved with smoking cigars , smoking in general is seen as something very detrimental to the health both to the smoker and the people around that environment . Premium Cigars however are made from high quality tobacco and have no artificial filters, thereby making cigar smokers not prone to the outrageous level of chemicals present in cigarettes. Therefore, one has to be careful enough to check out the quality of Cigars before buying it for yourself or someone else. We will run down the top five Premium Cigars available around which not only curtail health risks but also make good gifting items due to their quality, packaging, and all round uniqueness.

Liga Privada T52 Toro

Liga Privada T52 ToroThe Liga Privada T52 Toro is a premium cigar made by Drew Estate with its origins stemming from Nicaragua and comes in various fascinating shapes like double corona, robust, toro, and belicoso and a sun grown wrapper, the new Liga Privada T52 is a follow up to the Liga Privada No. 9. The T52 makes use of a very unique stalk cut Sungrown Habano wrapper overtopped by a signature recipe of seven various varieties of tobacco. The stalk cut paper from the outer appearance looks very sophisticated and exquisite with a dark reddish brown color with glistening oils. The T52 is left to age for a year after rolling, which gives a brilliant array of complex nuances. The T52 is a bold and distinct cigar also filled with leather notes, spices, earth and black pepper. It is available in various sizes, the double corona makes for a perfect gift item due to the box packaging.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Arturo Fuente HemingwayThe Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story is named after one of America’s legendary authors and serves as a perfect tribute to this great personality. The Short Story was brought to limelight after the debut of the Hemingway back in 1983 and has become a top seller ever since. The Short Story feature a blend of West African Cameroon wrapper and Dominican filter and a binder, however, the various shapes and sizes have an influence on the taste of each individual stick of cigar. The Short Story requires care when attempting to light one to avoid the risk of scorching as the foot of the cigar catches fire quite easily but however has a perfect burn. The short story goes for as low as $4.30 a stick and bags an excellent taste, refined and balanced.

David Millennium Blend Series Robusto

David Millennium Blend Series RobustoThe David Millennium Blend Series is a legendary brand premium cigar and is considered to be the Rolls Royce of cigars. With sun grown wrappers that come from Ecuador, which has been known to produce the most flavourful wrapper leaves in the world, four year old Dominican fillers which are aged to total perfection are encased in the gorgeous Ecuadorian wrapper. Unlike the regular Davidoff cigars, the Millennium Blend is their first fullest bodied blend. This is really good Premium Cigar and a very good option for a gift set; the Millennium gives off an amazing aroma and is mild with the smoke it emits.

El Rey Del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Robusto Suprema

El Rey Del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Robusto SupremaThe El Rey del Mundo was brought into introduction back in 1993, and has gained its stripes as an all time favourite of many. A couple year ago the company decided to take its brand over the Honduran border and ended up in Nicaragua with the intention of creating a new blend which they finally did and has made people hooked ever since, the Premium, bold and absolutely bountiful El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Robusto Suprema sits on the top list of any Premium cigar smoker and has dominated that position due to its enticing features, the enticing cocoa flavour, sweet spice, espresso, nuts, and black cherry respective flavors makes this premium cigar a pleasant gift to select while shopping for premium cigars. The Nicaragua Robusto Suprema burns slowly and gives off an aromatic smell which would continually be savored by many.

El Rico Habano Classic Corona Suprema

El Rico Habano Classic Corona SupremaThis is another Premium cigar that hails from Nicaragua. The El Rico Habano is a long filter tobacco from Nicaragua which is carefully selected, given a Nicaraguan binder and wrapped in an Ecuador specially aged natural sun grown leaf or a broadleaf maduro from Connecticut, which is then further aged in a Spanish cedar room to make maximize of its deep and rich flavor. It is advisable to eat before smoking cigars especially the El Rico Habano, due to the pure blast of pepper it emits immediately it is lit, the pepper flavor goes down after approximately half inch into smoking thereby reviewing the earthly leathery flavors. There is a hint of salty, charred dried fruit flavors in the background and cinnamon, raisins flavor are identifiable in the smoke. While smoking the pepper flavor continually fades and allows room for the other flavors to shine. The smoke is fragrant and the nicotine level is noticeable in this cigar, the El Rico Habano is the perfect gift for strong and bold cigar lovers.

 When packaging a Premium Cigar gift set for someone it is advisable to put in other things into the set that could aid effective smoking, such as a customised lighter, cigar holders or ashtrays, just have fun making the gift set look nicely enough before dispatching it away.

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