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Top five occasional gifts for colleagues/co-workers

The long awaited office holiday season is finally on your door step and you are on toes trying to connect the dots on what gifts to surprise your boss, ‘cube mate’, and or receptionist with; as if your brother-in-law gift quest was not tough enough and now you have to come up with gifts for colleagues.

Well, don’t let it go to your head, some headaches are just overrated.

How about some ground rules for starters. Disregard the following desperate attempts my dear crowd pleasers; ‘best boss ever’ engravings, clothes, and iPods as you would just be portrayed as being overly personal and expensive. And let not the paths of alcohol strike your thoughts unless your precisions and certainties are without doubts and errors of your boss’s aficionado connection to wine or whisky. This is not to say that gifts for colleagues should dismiss your boss for he/she is the reason you smile to your ATM each and every month.

Also it’s a recession afflicted economy and would therefore be in your best personal interest not to be bankrupt just because you are choosing gifts for colleagues. If you don’t have ‘the power to the people’ Malcom X speech to loosen everyone’s wallet to a name-drawing or a gift exchange party, your wallet does not need to be the sacrificial lamp that will lead to a ‘$20 per person’ contribution towards your wellbeing in the end of it all.

On that note, we’ve concluded some fitting gifts for colleagues to bill balanced ratio. They will only cost you no more than $50 with their fun and festive blend. Browse through the hints and in the end you will realize that it was never about the dollar bill.

For your Boss

  1. Make a personalized holiday delivery of red flowers to his/her desk with the finishing of a gorgeous silver vase as an all year round gifts for colleagues that he/she will transparently display with pride.
  2. For a whiskey-obsessed boss, a decanter gifts for colleague will do the trick and will also turn out to be more appropriate than a bottle of jack.
  3. If making the life of your boss a smooth transition is also a priority we may continue. How about crafting him/her an oh-so-beautiful card set? This will make him/her think for a second about putting a price tag on poetry and art and maybe you will be able to convince him or her that some things are just priceless.
  4. If your boss is the type that strongly believes in conquering anything with a price tag, maybe you should encourage him or her to keep on giving by suggesting to him or her about GlobalGiving gift cards of some sort like aiding the street urchins. He might turn out to be more supportive to the projects and the money itching fever he was having in the long run might turn out to be a false alarm after all.
  5. For the boss that is more of a domestic tourist and a bragger; as if that is not enough salt to injury, presenting him/her with a scratch off map will be a glancing mirror to each and every visitor that enters the office in relation to his/her travels history.
  6. A beautifully themed coffee table book that relates to your boss’s interests is a splendid categorical gift for colleagues. If by any chance uncertainty takes over your head, think of something that showcases culture, crisis, art and commerce, power and personality with a price tag of a century.

For your co-workers

  1. No glimpse of imagination comes to mind when trying to uncover a character less happy at popping a bubble wrap calendar once in a while throughout the working days. Maybe a coworker a few strides from your lane would be happier with the idealistic gift for colleagues.
  2. For the proud caffeine addicted colleges, a cute owl mug might do the trick or an alternate substitute to the animal of your choice will do the trick just fine. You would have given them something magical to keep them thankfully warm through the year.
  3. If on the other hand, if you think that you might be nerd-infected in the office, how about a nerd book collection filled with puzzled ideas just to keep the nerd off your trail for a while. Believe me, the trick works.
  4. This is a funny suggestion but well, you asked for it. How about everyone’s favorite lawn game on a compact version. It would be exciting to risk a few hours of fun when the boss is out of the office on the occasional Fridays.
  5. If your friends list recognizes a colleague with a sweet tooth, an acquisition of a candy dispenser swelling with all the ‘yummy’ favorites is quite appropriate as long the visits to the dentist are minimal to null. Popularity will befall whoever acquires such a luxurious amount of blessings.

For your work besties

  1. Dealing with a colleague who won’t just confess to the awesomeness of an iPad? Moleskine presents an Evernote Classic Notebook, which utilizes its Page Camera feature in capturing your notebook’s pages with the assistance of your smartphone and its searchable feature.
  2. How about I present a weekly solution to your work-related sorrow burdened life. You and your work bestie can purchase a bottle of whisky and drown your weekly sorrows during the weekend but let not the liquor drown your character too.
  3. You can however pursuit the perfect desktop accessory for your office dog lover to mimic holding his or her incoming mails or maybe just a crafty framed photo of the dog if you are out of crafty gifts for colleagues practical ideas.
  4. How about something too for the beer-drinking math nerd in the office? A pie bottle opener would be a fun gesture of gifts for colleagues. Then you must consider getting a number of such accessories as fun precedes its functionality.
  5. Finally, a gift card will just be loud enough for a co-worker with more on his/her to do list than yours as TaskRabbit assistants are exceptional for the task as they will take over everything from wrapping your gifts to running your errands.

Happy choosing as you quest for the perfect gifts for colleagues idea that will splash everyone’s face with surprise and glitter.

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