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Top 10 Gift Ideas to Present Your Girlfriend for the New Year

Attention guys! Telling your girlfriend that you care about her and love her more than the world or even your mother doesn’t quite cut it you see, although a woman wants to be loved, feel protected, and receive sweet compliments from you, there are plenty other ways you could make her feel extremely special to the point where all she thinks about is you. Really guys you need to treat your lady well, she deserves the best from you and I am not just talking about the wild or mild sex you both have at night, I am talking about gifts that would mean a lot to your lady, so let us take a look at the top 10 items women would literally kill for, as new year gifts.

Perfumes and Fragrances

Most people are remembered by the way they scent, I don’t know about you but I always identify when someone special and dear to me is around the corner due to the familiarity of the scent that is just how the brain works, well for most people. Perfume makes women feel confident and feminine, so this would be a great avenue to give back to your lady, make her feel confident and it would be great to give her a new scent for the New Year, remind her that you always have her in your mind.

Morning Mug

Another great way to show how much of a romantic you are at heart guys, gift your lady with a morning mug, make her morning tea each day with that when you can that would be awesome and if you guys aren’t married yet, be sure that she’ll be the one that goes to a ring store and pops the question “will you marry me”. You could spice things up and customize the mug with a sweet quote like “I’ll be there for you” and add her name into it that would be a great gift for the New Year. a mug to start the year and everyday for the rest of that year with, and when you are away be rest assured that she kisses it first every morning!.

Ocean Wave and Night Light Projector

Sometimes the calmest things are the most treasured items, in my opinion. Women love their beauty sleep and would be happy if you give them something that makes sleeping easier and relaxing that it already is, this is a perfect new year gift for ladies that are lovers of nature, it is not for everyone though as some women prefer some things over the others. This would make a perfect anniversary gift and also a New Year gift as you both could enjoy a nice cuddle together while the ocean waves sound and the night light performs its wonders.

A Mom Coloring Book

The perfect gift for mothers everywhere, this is a special energy healing book for women and it is available on major online stores and costs just $8, very little but does a lot, it is small but mighty and would make a good new year’s gift for your wife, she has done a great job handling the kids and she is exhausted, mummy needs a time out and this book would get her feeling relaxed in no time. Perfect for the New Year and also works well as a birthday gift. You should get one for your wife.

Bath Bomb In New Year

Women love a great bath session, it not only relaxes them but makes them feel fresh, confident secure and simply amazing, and bath bombs has and would always be a trendy thing for women, so get your lady a great bath bomb set to boost her confidence and give her a great bath time. Lush is a great product to try, it comes in different shapes and various scents. Pick out one you feel she would like and get it for her as a new year present. you could also g

ive her a new year bath with the bath bombs as a bonus!.

Worm Your Lady  With Knitted Sweaters

Make your lady feel sexy and comfortable with a knitted sweater for the New Year. The new year is quite a cold season and they would definitely find this to be very handy, you could be classy and get her a knitted t shirt and even customize her name on it. Seriously everything is literally customizable these days, so what are you waiting for grab your lady a decent knitted sweater for the new year to not only tell her how much you love her, but also how much you care about her general well being. She would appreciate it a lot.

Classic Canvas Vintage Backpack

This is a perfect gift item for the busy girlfriends, get her a vintage laptop bag that also doubles as a shoulder bag, camp bag and travel fit like the Hotsyle 902’s which is available on online stores like Amazon, EBay and Etsy. Show your lady that no matter how busy she might be, you still care and love her each passing day. Gift her this precious item for the new year guys and i can assure you it would go a long way, as it is what she’ll use along the new year and maybe longer because it would be a special item to her.

The “What Night” Funny Glass By Got Me Tipsy

This is a fun item to give to your girlfriend as a new year’s gift and can also double as a birthday gift!. New Year is about toasting to the future and celebrating the anticipated good things yet to come, so why not get this beautiful item, which is currently freaking out ladies on the Amazon store. You could buy this on new year’s eve and present it when you guys pop a champagne to toast the new year, how about that? It is a truly unique new year’s gift that she wouldn’t let go off that easily!

Fetish Fantasy Pink Passion Bondage Kit

This is perfect for the adventurous and submissive girlfriend, trust me if you and your lady are BDSM practitioners then this is definitely a great idea to give your girlfriend even though they are going to be used on her and not by her am sure you would grab her heart in your hands when she sees how willing her man is to please her in bed, it is also great for those looking for some adventure with their lady, this is a great new year present as the year would be a great “ride” for both of you.

His & Hers Matching Couple Pendant Necklace

This is the cutest of them all, grab your lady a matching necklace so you both can have a piece of each other on your chests, this is a great gift to not only give her for the new year and tell her you got her back day and night, but also a great gift to use and propose to your lady, this would certainly show her deeply connected you are with her, and would make you both happy when you are apart from each other, as you know she would feel your presence somehow with the necklace.

So guys, be sure to select something you know your lady would be thankful for, wonderful things would definitely come her way and your way when the new year kicks off if you make her feel loved and special.

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